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touring q & a

What should I expect on the trail?

Trail conditions will change depending on the weather and time of year. You could experience hot and dry conditions or wet, cool and lots of mud. Be prepared for all weather conditions.

What should I bring?

Be prepared for all weather conditions. We recommended for spring and summer that you bring bug spray, suntan location and water. You should also include any other personal items that may be required throughout the tour.

Will there be cell or Wi-Fi service?

While on the trails, cell services is spotty at best. There is guest Wi-Fi at the Campground.

Is smoking or vaping permitted?

There is no smoking or vaping permitted inside the vehicle. Clients may smoke or vape at any time while outside the tour vehicle. Absolute care must be given at all times. Cigarettes must be extinguished when finished, and the butts taken out with you when you leave.

Is alcohol or marijuana permitted?

Alcohol, marijuana, recreational or non-prescription drugs of any kind are not allowed out on the trails.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, for insurance purposes.

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

Cancellation Policy

Once you reserve a tour, we hold that time-space for you. If, for whatever reason, it is necessary to cancel, please be advised of our cancellation policy. You may cancel by phone at 613-899-1313 or by email.

30 days before arrival, 100% refund.

15 to 30 days before arrival, 50% refund.

14 days or less before arrival, 0% refund

If you drive your vehicle

Easy Fun Tours

Includes unmaintained dirt roads and easy 2WD/4WD trails. These roads may be graded or maintained. They may include small water crossings or other sandy and rocky sections that may be rough. Typically, less than 3” water crossing depth, 2WD acceptable except for snow, suitable stock vehicle. The trails include obstacles that are easy to navigate. These trails may not require the continual use of four-wheel drive (4WD) in good weather conditions. Expect ruts, washouts and water crossings to 6” small rocks and holes, stock vehicle.

About The Trails

Some trails are moderate, demanding courses requiring 4WD. You may encounter a wide variety of challenges (Potholes, minor washouts, water crossing depth to 10”, medium size rocks, and mud holes) on these trails. For higher ground clearance, we recommend off-road tires. Simple recovery gear, such as a recovery strap, is also recommended.

Challenge Tours

The challenging trails require low-range 4WD. You will encounter a variety of more difficult challenges (loose rocks, large potholes, water crossings to 20”, steep inclines 20 deg and large rocks to 12”, 12” mud-filled ruts) on these trails. We recommended not attempting this tour with a stock 4WD vehicle. A traction device (limited slip or locker) in the rear differential, lift and larger tires (33”+), and low air pressure is highly recommended.

About The Trails

These trails require moderate to above-average Off-Road driving skills. Multiple attempts to clear obstacles will be required. There will likely be paint damage and possible vehicle body and/or mechanical damage. Hi-lifts and winches are recommended.


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